Maddog Sling Shot® & Wraps


1 x L4 - Maddog Sling Shot®

The Mad Dog Sling Shot® is double ply and twice as thick as the Original Sling Shot®. The Mad Dog’s increased tension makes it perfect for lifters working with weights over 400 lbs. Its dramatic support allows you to handle significantly more than your max, training the nervous system and preparing you for your next PR.

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1 x Multipurpose Wraps

Like the name implies, the multi-purpose is our most versatile wrap.  These provide support for a variety of movements from Squats to Bench and even accessory work.  The Multi-Purpose wraps feature a thumb loop that is sewn flat to the end of the wrap, so these wraps can easily be worn around your wrist, forearm, elbow or knees for support and compression.

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Warranty: 1 Year

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Combo – “Maddog” Sling Shot® & Wraps.


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