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Same feel, Improved design

Our latest design has all the incredible features of our original Hip Circle, but with one critical difference.  Like it’s name implies, the Grippy has a tacky rubber contact strip along the inside to ensure it doesn’t ride up or slip down during training.  The Grippy allows you to target your warm ups and activate different muscles by moving it up and down your leg.  Whether squatting, deadlifting or even doing lunges, the Grippy’s got you covered.


  • Level 3 elastic to support targeted lower body warm-ups
  • Rubber stripes on the interior keep the hip circle where you want it
  • Great for glute activation prior to or during training
  • Can be used for lower body accessory movements

Product Details

  • Available in sizes: S/M and L/XL
  • Available in colors: Black and Orange


While working with our athletes at The Super Training Gym, we realized our original Hip Circle, while perfect for traditional warm up, rode up on our guys when used on the squat or more dynamic movements.  Working with our design team and testing on our athletes, the Grippy Hip Circle’s tacky rubber layer stays where you put it.  


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4 reviews for Grippy Hip Circle®

    5 out of 5

    Grippy hip circleUsed my grippy hip circle for the first time today and let me say my legs and butt were on fire! Total game changer! It didn't move or slip during the workout. I am part of a weight lifting group and told all of the girls about it! Good quality product!

    5 out of 5

    The Best Support Equipment on the MarketI am a huge fan of Mark Bell and Silent Mike. I first heard about Mark on Bigger Faster Stronger. I went ahead and bought the reactive slingshot and was hooked right away. I was blown away by the support and assistance especially on overload. I immediately went ahead and bought a pair of Strong wraps, Strong elbow sleeves, Strong knee sleeves, Strong belt, and finally the grippy hip circle. I was in an awful car wreck a year ago and dislocated both of my hips. Needless to say the squat and dead lift are my weakest lifts. The grippy hip circle is fantastic. It grips around my leg and really activates my hips. Together with my wrist wraps, belt, and knee sleeves I feel totally confident in squatting and dead lifting. The videos on youtube are more than enough to show how to use them. Overall I would give 6 stars on every piece of equipment I bought. It has really helped my rehabilitation and is taking me to new heights! Alot of appreciation and thanks to the HMYB team!!

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