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Your Secret Weapon for your Next PR

The 2.0 is designed to do more then help you warm up.  It’s stiffer material will help you build up the smaller muscle groups in your tough to target hips, driving you to new PRs.  World renowned coaches like Kelly Starrett and Jesse Burdick love using the hip circle to help build and cue hip activation in their athletes while squatting and sumo deadlifting.


  • Level 4 elastic builds tough muscle groups
  • Great for warm ups or dynamic movement
  • Cues athletes to force their knees out in the squat and deadlift
  • Ideal for those who have outgrown the resistance of the original hip circle

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  • Available in sizes: Large, XL


Made out of stiffer material than the Original Hip Circle, the 2.0 addressed the needs of our top athletes looking for an edge on the competition.  We initially worked with some of our top squatters to design a hip circle that not only warmed muscles, but built them.  The results were incredible and now we’ve brought that same technology to you.  


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4 reviews for Hip Circle 2.0 ®

  1. eric.elam@oracle.com
    5 out of 5

    Game ChangerI HATE doing mobility/activation work....its the least glamorous thing to do in the gym. The Hipcircle however has changed the game for me in hip/glute activation for both the squat and the deadlift and I couldn't be happier. I buy these as gifts for my meathead thousandaire friends and they often tell me its the best gift they've ever received! Further, its machine washable and actually gets a little tighter after you wash/dry it so I highly recommend getting both the level 2 and the level 3 (blue and red)

  2. emma@howmuchyabench.net
    5 out of 5

    Best Investment for Fixing an Irritated KneeI suffered from iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome (or runner's knee) for months. Went to physical therapy for months where I was told to foam roll and stretch. With all the different stretching and foam rolling, nothing worked and became extremely discourage to do any physical activity since I could not even walk some days because of the pain. After doing some online research, strengthening the hips is another approach to getting rid of the pain. That is when I came across Mark's (blue) hip circle and used it every other day, week after week. The pain started to go away. Sure you can use a rubber band, but the hip circle made hip exercises a lot more enjoyable due its comfort and perfect amount of tension. My hips got a lot stronger and upgraded to the red hip circle. This was the best investment I made instead of continuing to spend the money on the physical therapy. I continue to use this for accessory work and maintenance with a pain free ITB. Truly glad I found this product. Now I am back in the gym squating just like I love to do.

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