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Versatile Support

Like the name implies, the multi-purpose is our most versatile wrap.  These provide support for a variety of movements from Squats to Bench and even accessory work.  The Multi-Purpose wraps feature a thumb loop that is sewn flat to the end of the wrap, so these wraps can easily be worn around your wrist, forearm, elbow or knees for support and compression.


  • Level 2 elastic material for medium tightness and comfort
  • Multi-function for versatile use
  • 20” and 26” variations are IPF approved

Product Details

  • Length: 20”, 26”, 36”, and 42” not including the velcro
  • Sold as a pair


This original wrist wrap came from wanting to have a versatile wrap that can be used on nearly any part of the body.  


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9 reviews for Multipurpose Wraps

    5 out of 5

    Finally just what I needed for my elbows!!First off let me say I have no affiliation with Mark Bell or his company. I'll be the first to admit I tried 2 different products of his the Compression Cuffs originals and the 2.0 and 2 different sizes of both and they did not work for me personally. But Mark Bell hit a homerun with these wraps! They allow total freedom for the user to adjust the placement and tightness as needed. I'm a 26+ year (power bodybuilder) and like they say you never stop learning. I've always made sure to use sleeves or wrap my knees as needed especially when I'm training with the weight I use. Why in the world do we as bodybuilders/powerlifters always make sure to protect our knees but never think to protect our elbows with the same thought process honestly makes no sense to me now especially when some of us lift literally more weight in our pressing movements than most people can squat? Until we get to a point that we start feeling that little pain in the elbows that can become extreme pain that can literally stop us from doing the thing we love most training. I really wish I had been smarter when I was younger and treated my elbows with the same respect I have always treated my knees well lesson learned. All I can say I thank you Mark for coming up with such an ingenious product that can help us continue to do the things we love to do lift the Iron!!!

    P.S. I of course have tried all the sleeves available as well they work great for warmth but come nowhere close to the use of these wraps. My suggestion is use the sleeves for the warmth and warm up sets then put these babies on when the weight starts to get serious!!

    5 out of 5

    Amazing productI bought the 26 inches for my wrists and they are exactly what I needed. I am 40+-year-old man and work out basically every day and these are essential to keeping me healthy and able to work out at the pace that I do. I am going to order the 42 inch for my knees, if you are looking at the reviews of this product you are already considering buying them, just order them and enjoy.

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